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Chaos, Idols and Desperation

Hi folks! I am back again this week for another analysis. Last week, I missed the episode and didn't watch until later in the week so I decided not to do a recap. I am back this week and hope everyone enjoyed the show tonight.

I myself did enjoy it, but sadly, it was rather predictable. The wonderful thing is we're starting to see more from the "ghosts" as tonight we saw a lot more tribal dynamics. One that stood out to me was Carter. He is now aligned with Jeff and Penner. Not a bad alliance at all.

It's Showtime folks at Kalabaw

I am glad Penner's social game is being shown now and that he has made the alliance he has with Jeff and with Carter. Last week, when he approached Jeff Kent I thought to myself, smart move. The one person you want in your back pocket is the one who a: has a good social game where you can work your strategies through their ability to connect and bridge others in when needed and b: someone who has at some point in the game, worked against you. Definitely a smart move. Plus both need the other.

The one thing strategically that could work against either is IF the three girls do team up and work something. Remember, Dawson recognized Jeff Kent as a famous baseball player. Plus Penner is a three-peater with an idol. If there is even an iota of a guess that Penner has the idol and that both are allies, the girls could work to get Carter on their side to bust that up.

So, far as Kalabaw goes, if things stay the way that they are, Carter is actually a valuable swing vote. With the two guys nabbing him for an alliance, they are playing a proactive strategy. Personally, I feel they should also work out something with Dawson, who, to me seems pretty savvy. If it were me, I would at least approach her. I see Dawson as being very aware of what is happening around her. Having four gives you a majority vote and swinging one girl is crucial for them, especially if you are covering all bases.

Congratulations also go to Kalabaw on another last minute immunity win, a come from behind one at that and winning a tarp.

Things Are Heating Up At Tandang And Not Just The Steak

Turmoil reigns at Tandang tribe in the form of Abi Maria and RC. The break started last episode when Abi Maria turned on RC in a bit of a snit fit. It now looks like we have a puppeteer in the tribe, being Pete. Watching this reminds me of back in Scoop's original season of Survivor Outback and his tribe had a melt down between 2 of their own, Alicia vs Kimmy. Jeff Varner stirred the pot between the two and the next thing you know there was a spat that is still talked about. Stirring the pot is a way to keep the bulls eye on someone else and not yourself, especially if one has a feisty personality and the other is pretty smart and a viable threat.

Pete, strategical wise is pretty freaking smart. He is not showing his hand too directly, but is carefully setting traps for people to fall into, with little to no suspicion. I think Lisa is catching on quick to what's happening and is playing her bets alongside Pete.

Not much is seen of Scoop this week except for his cooking with Abi. Please correct me if I am wrong, but the vibe to me, seemed tense towards Scoop. It could just be the mounting tensions at camp, but I sensed some small undercurrents in that scene. I am hoping that Scoop is able to dodge it. My hope is that Lisa will be a bridge for him now that she is working with Pete. Remember, Scoop did approach her earlier and state that he wanted to work with her. My fingers are crossed as I do love Scoop and want to see him go deep.

Congrats are in order for Tandang on winning immunity again and the reward of a steak meal with spices.

We are down to two at Matsing

Eleven days in, the Matsing Tribe have dwindled down to two..

Last week saw the tribe struggling during the immunity challenge. The tensions at Tribal showed the desperation that has become pretty crucial there. As much as I dearly love Russell Swan, he has been kind to me in the past and I love the guy. But based on the edit and looking at it from an analytical view, Russell's drive for success became, in my opinion, a personal kryptonite which affected him and affected morale.

What I saw was sheer exasperation and desperation. After each challenge he would explode vocally and after so much of that, it sffects morale. Plus the tribe continued to have individual agendas. This tribe is reminding me so much of Ulong from Palau in that nothing is working for them. They have spirit and good people but in reality once you lose morale and start a losing streak it's pretty hard to come out of it. The competitive streak in Russell reminded me so much of the fire in Stephenie LaGrossa from that season. Both do not take losing well and both players played with their heart.

The problems that led to this implosion in Matsing started early on. Russell showed a passive-aggressive side in not wanting leadership but not being able to control the ability to not want to lead. Which caused an early wedge in the Matsing tribe. Then, he could not contain himself emotionally post challenges after each loss. Those explosions coming on top of a loss which already has a tribe feeling deflated, just deepened the low morale. Add this to a divided tribe with individual agendas, dealing with stressful weather conditions, fatigue, hunger and you have gaps that are pretty hard to bridge.

I saw moments when Russell did his best to try to build morale but in the end it was too little too late. Desperation had long set in. In the end it has now come down to two players left. The allies Denise and Malcolm. I have my fingers crossed for them as I have liked both since the initial first episode. It's now gonna come down to character and will power on both their parts. Both are smart and both have drive so I am pulling for them.

I enjoyed watching the conversation that Denise had with Russell tonight during the episode. This delved deep into explaining Russell and his actions. For one, I do respect Russell Swan but do wish he had been able to keep the emotions more in check and am genuinely sad to see his exit tonight. Russell is a great guy and I hope that he is able to take something positive from his second experience.

If you didn't catch Nina Acosta from last season on the Friends Of Ricki Lake Show today, it was pretty cool. Nina is awesome and was featured on a segment on women who are doing amazing things in fields largely dominated by men. Nina was a former LAPD cop who sued successfully for gender discrimination. Her lawsuit eventually opened doors for women to be considered for positions in the SWAT team there. I respect the fact that she took a stand and applaud her. I consider her a friend and enjoyed seeing her segment today!

Well we have reached another wrap up of this week's episode of Survivor Philippines. Hope everyone enjoyed the episode. Please share your thoughts below. Until next time, keep the torch light lit and enjoy!

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