Friday, October 19, 2012

He's Got Swag!

Well it's official, Matsing Tribe has been disassembled. What was left of it anyway with the two remaining members being blended one each into the two tribes Kalabaw and Tandang. I thought it was cool how the fate was decided by unopened buffs. Pretty fair, though I still would have loved to have seen a Denise/Pete matchup of psyche strategical wits.

Malcolm's Got Swag!

Not surprised at all about the fact that Penner's group snagged up Denise before the girl's clique got her and not surprised that the various members of the Tandang tribe are impressed with Malcolm. Speaking of, he is sitting pretty right now. With the taste of back to back wins, some chocolate and may I add, things going his way for the moment, it does look like he has some "swag".

He has a hidden immunity idol plus knowledge of another one courtesy of Pete. Which is a good thing. Thing is though, I am thinking this situation with Pete may just be temporary as when someone is a direct threat, they become expendable. I would recommend Malcolm steer clear of Pete. I think that's what is happening with Michael Skupin due to his likeability and experience plus strength in challenges. That is certainly the case with RC as well. So I honestly am expecting Pete to at some point single Malcolm out also. Yes, the idol is a good bargaining chip, but if I am reading Pete right, he is going to want access to both unhindered. He is not going to turn on Abi as Abi has a penchant for ruffling feathers which is an asset for him. Malcolm, on the other hand is a charmer, likable and a triple threat. If Malcolm goes deep in. he stands a very good shot to win. So my hunch is if I were Malcolm, I'd keep the idol quiet and entertain all possible angles.

Meanwhile over on Kalabaw

Denise meanwhile, is in a similar good footing for the moment over at Kalabaw. I am not at all surprised that she was brought into the Penner fold. She's bright, hard working and a strength in a challenge. At this point. especially when you are down two, you want to keep strength. Especially on your side. We got to see more dynamics inside of camp Kalabaw. Apparently from day 1, the men vs women was quietly in place. Plus in reading an interview I have learned that Dawson did let Jeff Kent know that she knew he played pro baseball. Plus Dawson looked in Penner's bag and knew he had the idol. I did note that when Dawson started getting votes that she looked at Penner as if to say "I know you are behind this". The look she gave Jeff at the end was pretty smouldering in a sultry way. Plua at the end she did what I am sure was a first..she planted one heckuva kiss on Probst's cheek! I cannot recall any Tribal ending on this note where Jeff is concerned. But it was cool!

Game wise, it looks like camp Penner has the edge, as the girl alliance is finished with the dual exits of Dawson and Dana. At this point, things are not boding well for Katie. We'll see what the future will hold, but I don't see anyone flipping from Penner's side. However this is Survivor, and unlikely things can happen.

Dana Falls Prey To Illness

Out of 25 seasons, the one thing that I truly hate seeing is someone fall prey to illness or injury and have to leave the game. Either by choice or medical evacuation. In the case of Dana Lambert, she was a tough competitor in challenges and obviously in handling the illness she had as long as she did. She was sick the entire time out there with stomach cramps, vomiting and intense chills with fever. My heart broke for her while watching. I liked Dana and recognized that tough streak in her and felt I could relate to her. I am very sorry to see her go and hope that despite being ill, that she had a good experience.

That about does it for this week's analysis. Next week looks interesting so I can't wait to watch all the dynamics with that. This week, I used Pandora Radio to listen to as I posted my summation of thoughts and listened to George Harrison Radio. Below I would like to share one of my favorite tunes by George Harrison. Hope everyone enjoyed this past episode and hope that all your torch lights stay lit. Peace out until next time!

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