Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's Get Down & Dirty

"I'm uhhhh..with the majority!" ---Lisa Whelchel of Tandang

It's safe to say this past episode that a few of the cast of Survivor Philippines literally did just that. Getting down and dirty in a very muddy and tough Reward Challenge that was fought hard. Gotta give it to production in coming up with a challenge that shows just how badly these people want to win the food. Because these cast equally would not budge and allow the other side to triumph. It was fought hard and tough. With the girls, Lisa and Denise being just as physical as the men. Lisa gets some serious kudos for her take downs of Denise and just willfully holding onto her. Likewise Denise, for stubbornly clinging onto the wicker ball. Penner got a bit frisky with Scoop's leg area getting "ever so close..." plus Scoop, Pete, Malcolm and Carter equally fought tough. I loved the interchange of Penner and Scoop when Penner said that it was all about endurance which was something both he and Scoop had. Then Scoop, who was sitting on top of Penner by that point said, "feels like paradise" to which Penner responded "or something like that". I had a good laugh at that one.

Looking back at the challenge, I think that it would have been a very lengthy one. As both sides when you look at the camp scenes were having food issues. With the weather being rainy a lot, it was tough to cook food. So you see the cast eating food straight out raw which is a pretty miserable thing. I think by this point, no one is gonna not fight for food that is cooked and could refresh their spirits and bodies. So this challenge would have been a knock down dead out fight. The way these folks were fighting to win, I wouldn't have been surprised if an injury or two resulted from it, which would have been risky occurring just before an immunity challenge. So what Penner and Scoop did was pretty logical at that point. The only problem in the end, is that neither side prevailed much food wise because Penner ended up not being able to catch much fish and the rice didn't seem to be enough for the bigger tribe of Tandang.

However, when you look at it strategically, if you are Tandang, the deal made Kalabaw's food situation more critical, which can weaken them. As hunger plays a crucial role in stamina and even in cognitive thinking. But, the difference with Kalabaw is that it appears like they aren't totally weakening yet. I think they grew strength from having the letters sent from home. While Tandang is ready to implode. If Tandang is to seize anything should merge happen soon, they need to resolve these inner conflicts and not allow them to build any further.

Did They Make The Right Choice?

As Frank and I were watching the show the other night Frank said after the Kalabaw loss, "you know it's gonna be Penner, right?" I looked at him and said "if it were my vote, I would target Katie". I stated my reasoning, that she was weaker and they still need strength right now and that Penner has an idol, which is a good bargaining chip at a merge. Plus Penner is a provider.

I got to thinking of the situation facing Jeff and Carter at arriving at their final decision. They could have kept Katie, as she would have been a convenient vote at merge for them and not a physical threat to beat at individual challenges. They could flush out the HII and a dangerous smart player with an HII to bargain with or use. The down side to this is that Penner can still do good at a challenge and is their main food source. By cutting him loose at this point, they run the risk of losing challenges with keeping a weaker opponent in and further deepening the already existing food situation at camp. Jeff said at Tribal his thoughts on the dilemna by saying "this game sucks". Obviously the decision did not come easy as you have to factor in now vs later.

Both are assuming merge is approaching and both are worried about what will happen if Penner uses his HII to bargain with or even uses it and one of them goes. Plus the possibility that Penner could turn on them at some point. In the end, I think they made the only move they could make at the time. Time will tell if keeping Penner ultimately will not come back to bite them. Penner has a lot of strengths and that could take him deep into the game.

I do doubt that Penner would have been totally surprised were there have been votes to cast him off. As his answers showed he knew the position he was in. In fact, when you listen to the responses at Tribal, to me it sounded as if the whole tribe was playing "chess" and made for interesting dialogue.

The only questionable factor in my opinion for them, now lies with Denise in that will she remain loyal to them post merge as she has an alliance with Malcolm? Will she bring him to their side or will she go in with whatever alliance Malcolm has made over at Tandang? I read something today in an interview where cast off Katie Hanson mentioned Denise and said "I can tell you that Denise is a very, very likeable person. No matter where she goes, or where she gets thrown, I think that she has the ability to mold people's minds that she is your friend. Even though she voted me out, I still have nothing bad to say about her, because she's a really nice lady! She's obviously flying under the radar, she's coming in as the new person on someone's tribe. So she can survive Kalabaw, why couldn't she make it all the way?" Denise has the smarts right now to do whatever direction will work out best for her and the ability to acclimate well. There is a possibility for the current alliance of 4 over at Kalabaw, Penner, Jeff, Denise and Carter now of their having access to 2 idols should Malcolm come to their side via Denise. The merge this season should be an interesting one and I am looking forward to see how it all will start playing itself out.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts for this analysis. I love my guy Scoop and am rooting him on to hang in there! Until next week, hope you all enjoyed the episode and season so far. As always, keep your torch lights lit. See ya next time!

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