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And Then There Was Dangrayne..An Episode of Firsts!

Welcome to another week of my analysis. The merge I was looking forward to has occurred and as promised, it sure packed a lot in it. So many dynamics and so much to feature that it would take a couple blogs just to narrow down it all. I loved it and it was hands down the best episode of the season. Which goes to show that the remaining episodes have the promise to be intriguing and good as well. With that being said, let's explore a few things for a moment, then I'd like to hear your thoughts as well. Please feel free to post them in the comments area below.

What a really interesting name. I went and googled it looking for a definition and so far have come up with zero results. I am wondering if it is a nearby tribe or island maybe. I myself found it interesting that both tribes were told to pack and move. Normally, a tribe moves at merge to the better spot of the two tribes. so this is a first that I can recall or be aware of. The merge was interesting of course as we see certain cast making moves for positioning almost immediately. A bit on that in a minute. It's a no brainer that the unresolved conflicts cost former Tandang in that they targeted their own member at the outing. Plus now we see that a wake up call was all that Penner needed to be alerted to the fact that Kent/Williams are plotting his ouster. Obviously Penner's instincts were working OT and it saved him for the moment.

An Episode of Firsts!
In this past episode, we see a few Survivor firsts.

1. Of his two seasons, this is Scoop's first merge. Congrats Scoop!! In Season 2, his heartbreaking accident happened the day before the merging of their two tribes. So not only has Michael bested his previous Survivor experience and season, but he has possibly aligned himself with Kent/Williams. Plus in voting for Penner, he didn't upset the apple cart of Pete/Kent and their strategic plans for the first outing. Given the fact that Michael has had a target on his back where Pete was concerned and the other members of Tandang, his voting with Kent was the only move he could make to give him a shot at furthering an alliance and spare him an early ousting making him also a victim to Pete's agenda. My one concern for Michael now lies with Pete. I will cover ny thoughts on Pete in a few moments.

2. Tandang is the ONLY tribe ever in 25 seasons of Survivor to not visit Tribal Council until the merge! Galu and Koror both had Tribal Council outings pre-merge so Tandang now can say they hold that distinction as a tribe!

3. Denise Stapley will go down as the only cast member in 25 seasons to not miss a Tribal Council..... yet. She has been to all so far and as a credit to her this season, she is still alive and kicking in the game. Plus my girl won individual immunity first outing! I am rooting her on to attend each this season and hope she is there until the Final Tribal for the million.

Hallelujah! The Church lady found it...

It is no longer fully a secret to a couple people that Malcolm is in possession of a hidden immunity idol. Post merge while leaving an awkward moment in conversation between Abi Maria and RC, Lisa made a decision to dry out everyone's clothes while there was some sun. It was very thoughtful and sweet on Lisa's part, however in the process of looking through Malcolm's bag, she came across the little precious secret of a hidden immunity idol. Malcolm would shortly realize that she had discovered it and would approach her about it. In the convo, Malcolm referred to Lisa as his "second mama" and would bring her into his and Denise's ranks. Afterwards Malcolm was relieved that it was Lisa who happened upon the idol. saying "Hallelujah, the church lady found it!". I am thinking Malcolm feels he can trust Lisa and sees her as someone similar to Denise, whom he has grown to trust, as much as trust can be given in a game like Survivor. There is a bit of a snag in that Malcolm realizes he would have a tough sell in front of a jury against either Denise or Lisa. Also, Lisa thinks he might aim for her with the fact that she knows he has the idol. The fact that Lisa now has this info can only help her either way she decides to take it or not to take it. It opens up something more for her. From her remarks at Tribal, it sounds like she is still loyal to Tandang and Pete, so this may prove a factor against Malcolm at some point if Lisa decides to divulge info to him of this existing idol.


Speaking of Lisa, it looks like her "Facts Of Life" past is also known to Penner who has agreed to keep quiet on it. So far it appears both veteran players know, which makes me wonder if Denise or Jeff Kent may also know as well and haven't mentioned it. I seriously doubt at this point that if the secret were revealed that it would cost Lisa. It was a long time ago and she has gone onto other areas of her life. Lisa still is concealing it and so far if anyone else knows, no one else has let on. Same for Jeff's secret as a MLB player, no one else seems to know either. I recently listened to a fan based Survivor podcast that brought up this as a topic with Dr. Jill from Survivor Nicaragua (S21). On her season they had multi successful Super Bowl coach Jimmy Johnson who was on her tribe. Jill stated that his being successful on the outside and wealthy, in the end really held no importance as how the tribe looked at you was who contributed to the tribe and who wasn't contributing. That everybody out there was struggling to survive together and that's what factors into strategies and voting. That what you were and are out of the game wasn't as important as your value there. So maybe these secrets are really not as fatal as they think?

My Thoughts On Pete Yurkowski

The more I see of him of late, the more Pete is reminding me of Russell Hantz in game play. The only distinct difference is that Pete is not using the threats that Russell used to use to psychologically control people's voting and allegiance. In this episode, what I am seeing game map wise is that the power players are starting to broker and have made a summit just like the power brokers do on occasion at Camp David. It took no time at all for Pete and Jeff Kent to hold meeting. "I'll give you RC if you will give me Penner. Who doesn't go now will go next." That maybe how the next two might play out, but unless Kent can wrangle in more than Scoop and Carter, he may find himself expendable. Jeff has a good social game and is a competitive player. Pete in striking the deal with him is working towards all out control of the new merged tribe. By losing RC he is losing someone who challenges his authority and is a threat to him. Pete has an idol. Pete has the numbers. Pete has Abi Maria to stir the pot.

As it looks now, Pete Yurkowski is holding a deck of cards and is able to deal them out. He is undeniably the most lethal player this season. If he continues the subtle Hantz method he is employing, you may see him come Finals time. As he is showing how manipulatively capable he can be. He also holds an idol and is capable of winning challenges. Personally being a bit of a student of the game itself, I give props to Pete. But if there is anyone to watch out for in the game, it is definitely Pete. I see Kent and Pete as being competitive enough to clash at some point so I don't see much of a future there. I could be wrong though. It'll come down to who can outmaneuver the other and who can survive when the inevitable comes.

I also think that in casting a vote against Pete that Penner was trying to send a message. This message may cost him now or soon, we shall see. But the reality is in my opinion, that with giving him RC, this has given Pete some leverage which he now can wield and play with. He has set himself up well and now poses a genuine threat to anyone in the game. That's my take, please share what you think below.

Congrats also this week go to Carter Williams on winning male immunity! His responses to Jeff show he realizes more than what is being let on. He did a heckuva job and kudos go out to him! RC in the end was the first casualty. RC played a really strong game from the outset. I liked her tho and found her to be a strong female presence and competitor. I am sad to see her go.

Thanks For Stopping By!

Tonight as I prepared and composed my thoughts of this past episode, I listened to the online 24/7 Beatles radio station Beatles-a-rama. For those who enjoy the music of the Beatles or just great music in general, check this station out. Besides Beatles music, they have interesting, fun programs and related music from a decade that brought us some of the best music ever, the 60s! Definitely check out Beatlesarama and enjoy the next episode of Survivor Philippines. Until next time, keep your torch lights lit and have a fun week!

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Brenda, I enjoyed your recap of this past week's episode.
    The merge was great and it seemed as soon as Kalabaw hit the beach, it was game on for Jeff to oust Penner, his famous recurring statement of not wanting a veteran to win is getting a bit tiring for me, I find he is obsessed with getting Penner and now Skupin out, I wonder if they might feel the same if they only knew he earned 86 million from Baseball and that's before endorsements, but he is a power player and no doubt could control how things roll for the remainder of the game.

    Unfortunately I cannot share your opinion about Pete, he irritates me in a huge way, he thinks he is this highly experienced big time player, just because he planted the note in RC's bag, the thing I found amazing is how he was quick to tell Malcolm he had the hidden immunity idol, that was a dumb move if you ask me. Does Pete not know he does not have the idol, Abi does it and if they both go deep, I am sure she would not be handing it over too quickly.

    I hope Penner survives this week, he might team up with Skupin and maybe Lisa, I guess we will see.

    I shed no tears for RC when she was voted out, although I would have liked Pete to get the votes, RC to me was not prepared socially to meet someone as argumentative and bitchy as Abi, she backed away from all arguments and was so non-confrontational that she let Abi walk all over her, and this was so different from the first episode when i was convinced her and Abi would rule Tandang.

    Be very interesting this week, love the dynamics that is shaping up. Love the season, best since #20 and it just gets better. Love the recap.




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